Swanndri Warehouse Relocation


This seven-month design project for Swanndri threw up plenty of challenges when designing a combination of Narrow aisle Shelving and Pallet racking. However quality input from our Design team managed to overcome such challenges.

When first viewed the warehouse had a temporary full-length partitioning wall. This was not removed until the design process was nearing completion. Upon removal, it was discovered within this wall a random immovable steel column support – not included on any drawings. This was subsequently accommodated in design drawings.

When the design was completed and forwarded to the buildings Engineers, they came to the realisation that the floor slab was of inadequate thickness to support this largely standard design.

Laying a new floor was contemplated, however, our Design team maintained that distributing the load over an increased number of uprights was the most effective path forward – at a substantially lesser cost than a new floor.